The Perfect Work Environment

We all know that your work environment is key to your success in business. Your work environment can either encourage your productivity or hamper it.

Here are some of our IShareTips for a great work environment:

Comfortable, well-designed spaces:

A beautiful workspace that is comfortable, well-decorated and well-lit is highly recommended for a productive work life.

Clean and uncluttered environment:

“Cleanliness is next to Godliness”. A disorganized, dirty and cluttered work place is often distracting which directly leads to low productivity.  A clean work environment supports general well-being and health, which further encourages employees to work better. Lastly, a clean work area creates a much better impression on visitors and business contacts who visit you

Open Communication:

A good work environment is one where there is clear and open lateral and vertical communication. It is important that employees are able to share their thoughts and ideas so that they feel involved in the overall growth and future of the Company. It is also important for management to actively seek out their employees opinions and share the Company’s mission and goals so that everyone is involved in working towards achieving it

Surround yourself with positivity:

Positivity is essential for productivity. It is essential to be positive and also surround yourself with positive people. Therefore hiring the right people is key. It is also important to sit in a workspace that is bright, cheerful and energetic which in turn with lead to increased positivity


As our motto goes “Work together, Grow together”. Foster an environment that is conducive to collaboration. Encourage your team to meet often and share ideas. Holding occasional team building events, trainings and away days have been found to be very successful in encouraging a collaborative mindset

Focus on Employee happiness:

Happy people always work better. Focus on your employees well-being and happiness. Have regular health check-ups to ensure they are healthy. Don’t overload them with unachievable targets and be as flexible as possible with deadlines and timetables. Also, sometimes taking a break during work for some R&R can actually lead to better overall productivity. Being openly appreciative of the hard work put in by your employees and saying “Thank you” can also go a long way