My first encounter with a shared office space

Recently we had a client who gave us extremely positive feedback of his experience at IShareSpace, upon our request he provided us with the below article for our blog.

My first encounter with a shared office space

I work for one of the best-known computer technology companies in the world, and was recently down from Austin on an extended trip to Mumbai. After a week of trying to work from home, I realised that this was a lost cause. The constant distractions made it extremely difficult to get any work done. I needed to find a space where I could sit comfortably and concentrate on my tasks without being frequently interrupted.

After a bit of research into the available options, I decided to try working out of the neighborhood coffee shop, which also apparently doubled as a coworking space. I was very pleased with myself because it was not only close by to my home but also very economical. However again, after a week, I realized this was not going to work for me. Firstly, the Internet speed was extremely slow and I had to rely completely on my dongle. While there were moments of peace, most time it was very loud and noisy (especially when you had college kids coming in droves). Paradoxically, it was also lonely, because while there was noise, people and activity all around, there was no one to talk to when I wished to take a break. Also within two days, my neck and shoulders started aching thanks to the lack of a proper desk and chair to sit at. Finally I decided that I needed to find a professionally managed coworking space to work out off. After a bit of research and after visiting a few of the feasible shared office options available to me, I settled on IShareSpace and it was the best decision I made!

The reason I chose IShareSpace was because the instant I walked in I loved the way the space was designed! It was bright, open and inviting. I was already sold on the design and aesthetics of the space when I spoke to the cheerful and accommodating manager. This cinched the deal for me. I ended up worked for close to two months out of the IShareSpace, Mumbai office and loved the experience. The uninterrupted high speed Internet meant that I did not have to use my dongle for the remainder of my trip in Mumbai. The comfortable and spacious seating with the dedicated desk made me feel as at home as I do in my own office back home in Austin. The space was formal and easy going at the same time. Every time I needed to stretch my legs, I would walk to the pantry where there were others like me taking a break. An added bonus (which I did not expect) was the amazing people I met, some of whom I am still in touch with. There were people from varied professional backgrounds and the conversations were always interesting and stimulating. The friendly staff made sure that I was not left wanting for anything and they went above and beyond their promised service offering.

At the end I left feeling extremely satisfied with my experience. After having heard so much about shared offices and coworking spaces, it was great to have the opportunity to work out of one. I would definitely recommend it to those starting out on their own or requiring a hassle free work space to move into.

Naiteek S, Texas